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PsychoSocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

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Program Overview

Psychosocial rehab (PSR) encompasses community-based or clinic-based but community-focused services designed to assist adults in strengthening or regaining skills designed to help them achieve their self-determined rehabilitation goals in living, working, educational or social environments and the development of environmental supports necessary to thrive in the community with the least amount of professional intervention possible.

Program Complies with:

This program offers the training requirements for the Florida Certification Board application as a

Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) and with Medicaid / AHCA / DCF training requirements to be able to work as a PSR.


Dates to be announced monthly.

Delivery of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Guidelines have established the following basic principles to guide the delivery of PSR services:


  • Adults who participate in psychosocial rehabilitation have chosen to do so and have been assessed to be ready to participate and set self-determined rehabilitation goals.


  • The PSR plan is individualized and tailored to the specific adult’s goals, barriers, and strengths.


  • All PSR activities are designed to show progressive steps towards the targeted goals.


  • Motivational interviewing techniques may be used to establish ‘connection’ between the PSR treating provider and the adult.


  • All PSR is based on the development and maintenance of specific skills and supports to meet the specific self-determined rehab goals.


  • All PSR skills training meets the definition of a ‘skill’ and is done using a progressive skills training plan. Only specifically needed skills are taught (i.e. not everyone needs to make a menu, read labels, and cook to live independently).


  • PSR is done in groups when the individual can clearly benefit from the skill set included in the class and the shared learning experience the class offers. (Organized Curriculum of skills set)


  • PSR is done approximating or using ‘real life’ conditions where possible.


  • PSR services are broken into achievable actions to facilitate success and successive improvement.

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