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Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT)

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Program Overview

Behavioral health programs teach students how to assist licensed counselors and therapists working in mental health clinics and other inpatient settings. Such training usually comes in the form of certificate. Both programs generally require applicants to have a high school diploma and volunteer work can put you ahead of the competition. Now let's learn more about these programs.

A certificate program of behavioral health provides students with a basic overview of the field and trains students to assist people with social, personal, mental health or family problems. Such a program is designed to prepare future behavioral health technicians, case managers and family services advocates. Students enrolled in the program learn the basics of group and individual counseling, child advocacy, case report writing and communication skills. Core courses are generally divided into theory, practical training and experiences in service learning.


Some course topics may include:

  • Introduction to human relations

  • Ethical counseling

  • Child and family advocacy

  • Therapeutic intervention

  • Case report writing

  • Violence and abuse issues

Keep in mind that behavioral health technicians may increase their employment opportunities and salary potential by earning professional certification. For example, the state of Florida offers the Certified Behavioral Health Technician credential to those who pass an exam.

Our program helps you obtain the coursework, the certification, exam prep, and verified experience through our network of facilities and agencies in the mental health and behavioral fields.




Section 1: Certification and Program Introduction

Section 2: Clinical Competence (8 hours)

Section 3: Documentation and Patient Confidentiality (4 hours)

Section 4: Ethical and Professional Responsibilities (4 hours)

Section 5: Maintaining Client & Personal Safety (4 hours)

Electives:  10 hours

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Program Complies with:

This program offers the training requirements for the Florida Certification Board application as a

Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) 

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